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I bring over 20 years of experience designing and building software solutions. I am always excited when I have a chance to learn new technology!

About Redtopia Software

John Pansewicz - Independent Software Consultant

I have been an independent software consultant since 1998 when I founded Redtopia Software. Since then, I have been building web sites that can be managed with my proprietary Content Management System (CMS). I have also worked on various ColdFusion, jQuery and PHP projects as a subcontractor.

Since 1988, I have written code in Assembly, Pascal, Fortran, C, C++, Java, ColdFusion, PHP, SQL, Javascript, HTML and CSS. I spent a total of 10 years writing code in C, and the past 15 years writing code in ColdFusion. I have a solid foundation in programming languages, and I am willing and eager to embark on new programming challenges.

My most recent project is MusicLessons.com, which has been the center of my professional focus since 2011. MusicLessons.com is an early-stage startup that provides online services for music teachers and students, and is the most complete example of my work.

I discovered my passion for writing software at the University of Colorado where I studied Computer Science and Geography. I received a BA in Computer Applications in Geography in 1991 (a combined CS & Geography degree) with a focus on mapping systems (GIS & Cartography).

After graduating in 1991, I moved to Jackson Hole where I worked for Teton Data Systems from 1992 to 1998. There I started out writing software to translate medical textbooks for CD-ROM delivery. Within a couple years, I became a lead Mac OS programmer and took responsibility for building and maintaining their cross platform (Windows/Mac) software application.

In 1998, as an independent consultant, I found early success providing database-driven web sites for small and medium size businesses in and around Jackson Hole. I built my content management system with enterprise-level solutions in mind, and have been supporting and enhancing that codebase since 2000. I am currently using it as my application framework for MusicLessons.com.

In 2010, I began sharpening my front-end skills (HTML/CSS/jQuery) and have found great enjoyment in this type of work. I consider myself an expert in these technologies. Though I am not a graphic designer, I have a core set of skills in Photoshop and Fireworks, and I have a good eye for designs that work.

My family, summer 2014.

My Interests:

Not necessarily in this order: skiing, cycling, hiking, running, SCUBA diving, exploring, travel, guitar, camping, road trips, dogs, family, hockey, imagining.

I am located in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I typically operate during US Mountain Time business hours.