Building Web Sites That Do Things

Web 2.0 • Responsive Design • ColdFusion • SQL • jQuery • HTML5 CSS3

We don't just build web sites—we build full featured web applications. From sites with constantly changing information, multiple contributors, and multi-purposed content, to social networking, to whatever you can imagine, we can build it.


Using proven, industry adopted software systems, such as Adobe ColdFusion 10, Microsoft SQL Server, and jQuery, Redtopia builds robust web sites & mobile sites that do much more than display web pages. Our focus is building interactive, user & content-driven sites that are fast, powerful and written with an eye towards the future.


Our development philosophy is based on simplicity. Every step along the way, our objective is the same: keep it simple and clean. Our designs are uncluttered and easy to navigate. When possible, we simplify development by looking for existing solutions that are easily integrated, saving time and money.


We can quickly and easily build a fully functional web site with user & group level access to content, including: articles, calendars, files, images, newsletters and more. Various types of content can be combined, providing lots of creative opportunities. We can create just about anything that you can dream.